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Patient Participation Group Report for 2013-2014

The Westerham Practice has a Patient Participation Group which consists of a small group of patients who meet on a regular basis. It consists of patients from both the Westerham and Sundridge Surgeries and its aim is to improve the services that the practice gives to its patients. It is keen to get views from all the patients on any aspect concerning the surgery and any suggestions as to how to improve the services that the practice can offer.

The members of the PPG consist of both males and females and from both surgeries of the practice. They comprise of a wide age range and come from different social groups, some work and some are retired. We have tried to get a group which would represent all the patients in the practice. Patients representing a cross-section of our capitation by age, race, gender, social background, ethnicity, location of residence (geographically), the disabled, able bodied and carers were approached personally to join the PPG. Whilst some patients were very keen to engage, others were not able to dedicate time. All patients are automatically members of the group, and free to have a voice. The PPG office holders will provide the link between Practice and Patients. We feel that the PPG office holders is a fair representation of the patients in our practice.

Prior to the survey we had a meeting and discussed how we would decide what topics should be included in the local practice survey, and what information would be useful to the PPG. We circulated a brief questionnaire with all prescription/medication requests, asked all patients attending the surgery to rate topic priorities for our survey. Analysis from this determined which areas our patients felt were important and needed greater surveillance. We discovered that actually the priorities were similar to previous years, and only small adaptations to the 2012-2013 survey were needed.

We conducted a practice survey via Surveymonkey. The views of our registered patients were obtained by publicising the survey both within the practice and on our website. Patients were able to complete the survey online or complete a paper copy, which practice staff uploaded to Surveymonkey. All surveys were collated, and 247 responses were received. The responses were from both sites and the age range that responded was representative of the group that visits the practice the most frequently. These were analysed by Surveymonkey and the results shared with the PPG at our January 2014 meeting. A lot of the points raised were fully discussed and an action plan was made. This was agreed by the practice and will be implemented by both the PPG and the practice.

The action plan is as follows:

PPG Action Plan for 2014

  1. The existing appointments system has been changed as a response to last year’s survey and will be constantly monitored by the practice over the year.
  2. The practice will engage with the IT supplier to enable patients to book appointments online via the web.
  3. Privacy in the reception area at Sundridge will be looked at and advice taken as to what changes can be made.
  4. The practice will look at additional ways that we can give information to patients about opening times, online prescription ordering and booking appointments, telephone consultations and weekend access to doctors.
  5. The practice will continue to help the PPG build up a database of email addresses of patients.

The Practice has agreed to support the action plan and priorities identified by the survey and PPG.

As a result of last year’s survey and action plan:

  1. The PPG has started to build up a database of patients’ email addresses.
  2. Notice boards have been delivering information to patients and publicising the work and existence of the PPG.
  3. The appointments system has been changed with less same day appointments and more book in advance appointments.

The practice is open from 08.00 to 18.30 Monday to Friday at the Westerham and Sundridge Surgeries with the Sundridge surgery being closed on Wednesday afternoon at 12.30. All Sundridge patients are looked after by the Westerham Surgery during this time.

We also offer extended hours for Doctors appointments on Tuesday from 18.30 to 19.30 and on Wednesday from 18.30 to 19.15, and Thursday am from 7.00 to 8.00.

Patients can access the surgery either by presenting themselves to reception or by making a telephone call to either surgery. Prescriptions can also be ordered online.

The survey was extremely useful in highlighting some areas where patients may get some benefit from changes made. The PPG is keen to hear your views and can be contacted via the surgery, or by email to

Thank you very much, to all our patients who took part in the survey.

Please see the Powerpoint Presentation of the information gained from the survey.


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