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Obtain A Repeat Prescription?

Patients requiring repeat prescriptions are asked to give at least 48 hours' notice (excluding bank holidays and weekends) before the prescription is required. Requests for prescriptions left after 10.00am on Friday may not be ready for collection until after 2.00pm on Tuesday. For accuracy and efficiency, the prescriptions are prepared by computer. Requests should be made in writing, preferably on the repeat order form attached to the previous prescription. If you enclose a stamped, addressed envelope, we will post your prescription to you, but please allow extra time for the postal service. Otherwise they can be collected until 6.00pm. Medication for dispensing patients will be available in 72 hours. We ask you to collect your dispensed medication after 9.00am. (We can only dispense for patients living more than one mile from a chemist.)

Online Access

You can now order repeat prescriptions online using Patient Access.

Click here for more information on how to register for this service.

Please do not ask for prescriptions over the telephone. Errors can
occur and your call may block the line in the case of an emergency.

Order Your Prescription Online

Important Notice

The repeat prescription online forms are no longer available. To order your repeat medication please sign up for Patient Access. You will need to go to your Surgery and provide ID to obtain your unique Linkage Code for you to have the online access facility.

Click here for more details


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