Patient Participation Group

The Westerham Practice has a Patient Participation Group which consists of a small group of patients who meet on a regular basis.

It consists of patients from both the Westerham and Sundridge Surgeries and its aim is to improve the services that the practice gives to its patients.

It is keen to get views from all the patients on any aspect concerning the surgery and any suggestions as to how to improve the services that the practice can offer.


The members of the PPG consist of both males and females and from both surgeries of the practice. They comprise of a wide age range and come from different social groups, some work and some are retired. We have tried to get a group which would represent all the patients in the practice, but this had proved hard to get patients to engage. Patients representing a cross-section of our capitation by age, race, gender, social background, ethnicity, location of residence (geographically), the disabled, able bodied and carers were approached personally to join the PPG. Whilst some patients were very keen to engage, others were not able to dedicate time. All patients are automatically members of the group, and free to have a voice. The PPG office holders provide the link between Practice and Patients. We feel that the PPG office holders is a fair representation of the patients in our practice.

Prior to the survey being run we had a meeting and discussed how we would decide what topics should be included in the local practice survey, and what information would be useful to the PPG. The PPG decided that in order to get continuity and consistency, it would be advisable to run the same survey questions as the previous year.

We conducted a practice survey via Surveymonkey. The views of our registered patients were obtained by publicising the survey both within the practice and on our website. Patients were able to complete the survey online or complete a paper copy, which practice staff uploaded to Surveymonkey. All surveys were collated, and 64 responses were received. The responses were from both sites and the age range that responded was representative of the group that visits the practice the most frequently. These were analysed by Surveymonkey and the results shared with the PPG at our January 2015 meeting. A lot of the points raised were fully discussed and an action plan was made. This was agreed by the practice and will be implemented by both the PPG and the practice.


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