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Flu Jabs Posted on 14 Jul 2016

In accordance with the Department of Health guidelines, we recommend an influenza vaccination for patients aged 65 or over and all patients with diabetes - chronic chest problems (including asthma)- chronic heart - lung or kidney disease - the brain and nervous system - the immune system - the spleen and residents of nursing and rest homes. The vaccination will be available from October and we look forward to advising our patients when we have the Influenza vaccination available at the surgery.

You can contact the surgery to book an appointment for your Pneumonia vaccination as this vaccination is available all year round for patients aged 65 or over. if you have any of the following long-term conditions affecting :- The lungs  - The heart - The kidneys - The liver - The brain and nervous system - The immune system - The spleen. You are also advised to have a flu jab If you have diabetes, are pregnant or are 65 and over.

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