UK COVID-19 vaccines delivery plan - Dept of health & social care

Summary of the government plan: 11th January 2021

There are currently three types of vaccination sites in use:

1) National vaccination centres, such as the one in Epsom, using large-scale venues, such as football stadiums and accessed by a national booking service

2) Hospital hubs, using NHS Trusts across the country

3) Local vaccination services, made up of sites led by general practice teams working together in already established primary care networks.The Westerham Practice and Sundridge Medical Centres are working as a primary care network with Sevenoaks practices in the vaccination site at Sevenoaks Medical Centre.

The plan states that it is expected that the growing network of vaccination sites will rapidly expand in the days and weeks ahead. 

In England, by the end of January, it is expected that there will be capacity to vaccinate several hundred thousand a day, and at least 2 million people per week will be achieved by establishing:

• 206 active hospital hub sites • Around 1,200 local vaccination service sites (including primary care networks, community pharmacy sites, and including the ability to travel to those who cannot come to a centre) • 50 vaccination centres

The current vaccination recall to ALL sites are based on the national priority groups:

Group 1 (Care homes) have been completed in Westerham

Group 2 (80 years old and Health and Social worker), this group are currently being recalled in January 21.

Group 3 (75 years of age and over)

Group 4 (70 years of age and over and clinically extremely vulnerable individuals)

The full document is available: UK COVID-19 vaccines 

Published: Jan 13, 2021

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